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Our History

For over 90 years, Tippet Richardson has been a family business devoted to moving Canadian families and businesses. Founded in 1927, with its primary goal to provide high quality residential and corporate moving services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we have grown in both size and reputation to become one of Canada’s most respected moving companies.

The two founding partners Basil Tippet and C.A Richardson commenced their operations using a rented warehouse in Toronto, Ontario and one van. The bulk of their business was to and from the USA, Ontario and Quebec.

In 1944 the leadership of the company changed when Russell Naylor, who was the Operations Manager since the company’s beginning became Vice President. Later he went to become President when Mr. Tippet passed away in 1959. Under Russell Naylor’s leadership the company expanded adding new operations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. 

After Russell passed away in 1976, his legacy was continued by his son Peter Naylor. As Peter took on the role of President, he saw value in expanding into business records, overseas moving and developed a special products division. All of which helped the company propel forward. 

Today, Tippet Richardson owns and operates offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Our goal of providing high quality moving services hasn’t changed.

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