Moving to a small town …

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Moving to a small town …

There is a desire among many to leave the city and find the peace, quiet and fresh air of a village outside the greater metropolis. So much so that the housing prices are starting to climb, and the population of some villages are becoming towns or municipalities.

Is this the time to move?

Probably advisors have various reasons as to why or why not move outside the city. Prices for now in housing will appear lower. This could be a good reason to investigate the potential of a move.

It does come down to the individual wants of a family or person. For example, keep in mind if you have never lived in a small town, there will be a minor culture shock when Main Street rolls up at 5 p.m.

Most residents in smaller communities build circles of activities to entertain as compared to urbanites opening a door in a city and walking into diverse 24/7 action.

The more intimate events of country living can be pleasurable. Imagine skating on Lake Ontario, ice fishing, curling in an arena before having a potluck supper.

Or being part of the volunteers who build the annual festival that grows your town tenfold with visitors for a day.

What about day trips to Toronto, coming home to a quiet bedroom with an open window, or walking an empty beach while birds sing profusely in the nearby woods? This is possible.

There is a chance with work at home offices and technology, employees can do business with their head offices in a city. Depending on your home location, commuting is not out of the question. Super highways are expanding, and trains are increasing schedules.

Immigration to Canada extends opportunity

Locations outside metro are more appealing cost wise for start up firms or to cut expenses. Establishing new ideas rurally can influence the area. International cuisine starts to enter the menu of local restaurants and cultural events, new arts join countryside organizations.

Tippet Richardson as part of their research reviews locations of interest outside the GTA

This is beneficial to their international colleagues who are relocating clients to Canada. TR works in tandem with them on real estate, schools, neighbourhoods and moving the household goods. In fact TR has a program pioneered in the 80’s ‘Welcome to Canada’ and this initiative is constantly upgraded in services.

You can benefit by using a professional like Tippet Richardson for your local/long-distance move to the countryside too. The firm has been actively performing the services since 1927!