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In East Africa, blindness, moderate and severe vision impairment are all too common. In Tanzania alone, more than 747,800 people are visually impaired and 194,800 are blind. Many could be treated if they had access to medical services.

For example, Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT), was able to provide 200 free surgeries in 2015. In 2016, the hospital conducted 5,609 eye consultations and provided 376 eye surgeries for free. During the past two decades, Azmina Nanji, an employee of Toronto-based Tippet Richardson, has been volunteering for charitable organizations like CCBRT. In days of active social lives and demanding work schedules, Nanji and other Tippet Richardson employees have found time to serve groups that are aligned with their beliefs and goals. They give back to society around the world

through sweat equity, as facilitators and with financial donations.Grace Nguyen, another TR employee, participated in the Latin America & Caribbean Movers Association volunteer work with TECHO in Mexico, 2017. TECHO helps communities in the region by building homes in the country where the conference is held.

In 2019, Scott Naylor and Mackenzie Naylor, representing Tippet Richardson will join the TECHO volunteer team for hands-on work in Panama City.

Helping those in need is important…

Their colleague Vinod Thomas is part of a Toronto-based charity group that built a training center in a remote village in northern India. The facility and teachers provide education, special skills and nutrition to children up to the age of 12 years old.

TR contributes in several ways to organizations and charities that are supported by international relocations colleagues. Company crews offer free packing of food items destined for food banks and charities under the Move for Hunger umbrella, and the office staff donate regularly to the cause. Tippet Richardson also supports Toronto-based Smiles Foundation, which provides dental care and primary health education to underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic.

Nanji, Nguyen, Naylor and Thomas believe their interaction with various communities and charities, while being compassionate, is also very educational. While giving back to those in need, Tippet Richardson employees apply expertise gained from their everyday logistical and customer service skills. In turn, grassroots involvement with local

communities help the firm develop an efficient understanding of the peripheral and direct needs of their citizens.

“It is also our hope at Tippet Richardson,” says Ron Waddling, director of international relations, “that their compassion

can teach us all how to approach each client interaction with thoughtfulness and a human touch.”

LOVE does not have to be romantic. Giving back to society is a major movement where world peace and caring for the planet provides good for all.

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